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How does Sponsor a Nurse help Kisiizi Hospital?

The hospital has to charge the patients fees in order to meet its running costs and pay the staff wages. Because of the poverty in the surrounding area, it is not possible to charge the real costs of treatment, as people would be unable to afford it. As it is, people sometimes have to sell land or animals to pay for treatment, reducing their ability to sustain their families. So they often put off a visit to the hospital because of the cost, with the result that it is sometimes too late to offer effective treatment. The hospital, therefore, needs to supplement its income from other sources. The Ugandan government makes a contribution, but there is still a considerable shortfall, which at present is funded from overseas charities, including Sponsor a Nurse.

The hospital also has a School of Nursing and Sponsor a Nurse awards grants to students towards the cost of their fees, provided they have completed a probationary period satisfactorily and passed their initial examinations. In return, they are expected to work in the hospital after qualifying.

In addition to supporting the wages bill, Sponsor a Nurse has also made contributions towards the cost of some of the more expensive drugs. Certain medicines, in particular those needed by the psychiatric patients, are too expensive for the patients or their families to afford. Nevertheless, many patients have an on-going need to receive treatment to prevent a relapse. Sponsor a Nurse has made contributions towards the cost of some of these drugs.

In 2003 we have purchased a new ultrasound scanning machine for the hospital.